"Hope" Foundation For Road Accident Victims
"The Foundation operates in Poland, as well as abroad, in accordance with the received permissions
and the current legal regulations."
1. registered office: J.Chełmońskiego St. 1 d/4 63-400 Ostrów Wielkopolski , 3.agency: 61-656 POZNAŃ, oś. Powstańców Warszawy 5 L
3. tel.: 601 147 413, 792 246 466 
4. e-mail: fundacja.nadzieja@wp.pl , fundacja.nadzieja@gmail.com
5. website: www.fundacjanadzieja.com
6. Legal form of the organization: legal person/foundation
7. Founding year: March 4 2004
8. Tax Identification Number (NIP): 622-256-68-63
National Official Bussiness Register Number (Regon): 251620047
9. Nationa Court Register (KRS): 0000198280
10. Public benefit status: yes
11: Name of the bank and account number: Bank Spółdzielczy w Raszkowie, branch in Ostrów
Wielkopolski 25 8430 0009 0005 1347 0168 2730
12. Board of the Foundation:
Chairperson of the Board: Aleksandra Kieres tel. 0601 147 413
Vice Charperson of the Board: Genowefa Młynarczyk
Secretary of the Board: Zygfryd Młynarczyk
13. Auditing Committee:
Head of the Committee: Paweł Jan Budny
Secretary of the Committee: Martyna Knapińska
14. The fields of interest of the Foundation:
- culture
- sport, tourism
- education
- health care
- charity
- social activity
15. Aims of the Foundation:
The aim of the foundation is to work for the benefit of those affected by road accidents and their
families. We support the process of treatment including sanatorial treatment, recuperation and rest.
We also help in organising legal, psychological and material help.
The Fourndation works for the public benefit in the field of gratuitous social help. We also create
rehabilitation centres, sanatories, rest facilities and points of legal and psychological help and oversee
those facilities.
"Hope" Foundation For Road Accident Victims is one of the most active Polish organisations. In
recognition of this the decision of the Minister of Justice no. DCWO I 528-75/05 issued on February 25
2005 incorporated our Foundation into a list of institutions, social organisations, foundations
and asscociation mentioned in the s. 47 and s. 49 of Penal Code. After a year of activity our
foundation was declared a social benfit organisation by the decision of Regional Court in Poznań (XXII
Economic Division of the National Court Register, case number PO.XX NS-REJ. KRS/573/5/970).
Dedication of the Foundation workers is met with growing support and the statutory goals of the
Foundation are realised with increasing success. The Foundations is gaining popularity as an
organisation of public trust.


Konto bankowe Fundacji:

25 8430 0009 0005
1347 0168 2730

Jesteśmy organizacją pożytku publicznego
numer KRS: 0000198280

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